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Thoughtful Insights on How To Respond To COVID-19

Bill Gates published an insightful memo that outlines his view on the COVID-19 pandemic. He addresses the initial outbreak with an explanation of exponential growth and decline and whether the responses of various countries were appropriate. He continues with a discussion on gaps in our knowledge, such as seasonal variability and susceptible populations, and what role the Gates Foundation is playing to fight the pandemic. The end of the memo really does a remarkable job in discussing the innovation that will be required to fully contain COVID-19. Mr. Gates discusses in detail each of five categories of innovation–treatments, vaccines, testing, contact tracing and policies to reopen–that he believes are essential for defeating COVID-19. We highly recommend reading Mr. Gates essay, “Pandemic I: The First Modern Pandemic,” to get the 3,000 foot view of what has happened since the initial onset of COVID-19. A link to his essay is below:

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