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Published Articles – Immunoglobulin Fc-Fusion Proteins

In October/November 2014, we published a pair of articles in Bioprocess International that examined how the potential therapeutic value of many proteins — including enzymes, receptors, cytokines, blood factors and peptides — can be realized by fusing them to the Fc region of human immunoglobulin G.  These engineered proteins are known as “Fc fusion proteins”.

The two-part review examines the structure and manufacturing of Fc-fusion proteins and reviews their therapeutic uses and clinical development. It concludes with a detailed examination of such products that have received market authorization in the US over the past 16 years.

We refer you back to these articles today because Fc fusion proteins represent an important and growing new class of biologics.

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Immunoglobulin Fc-Fusion Proteins Part 1: Their Design and Manufacture

Immunoglobulin Fc-Fusion Proteins Part 2: Therapeutic Uses and Clinical Development