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A Nobel Nod to Cancer Immunotherapy

One of the hottest areas of medicine is cancer immunotherapy.  The importance of this field to medicine was highlighted last month with the announcement of the 2018 Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or Medicine. This year’s recipients are James Allison at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Tasuku Honjo at Kyoto University in Japan.

The two scientists were awarded the prize for demonstrating how immune cell proteins—called checkpoint proteins–can be manipulated to attack cancer cells in a host’s own immune system. Dr. Allison studied the CTLA-4 protein on T cells and Dr. Honjo studied a different T-cell protein, PD-1. These two checkpoint proteins are at the foundation of immunotherapy.

To read more about these two pioneering discoveries as reported by Heidi Ledford, Holly Else and Matthew Warren, please refer to, “Cancer immunologists scoop medicine Nobel Prize, Nature vol. 562; 20-21”

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