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Bay Area Biotechnology Is Growing into the Mid-Peninsula

South San Francisco is home to the largest biotech cluster in the world, with over 200 biotech companies, and 11.5-million square feet of biotech space on 500 acres. But 16 miles south, a new biotechnology cluster is developing in the mid-Peninsula region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Development is progressing on a new biotech campus in San Carlos, California. Alexandria Real Estate Equities submitted plans for a 1.6 million square foot site, according to the San Francisco Business Times. The proposed campus will transform multiple, decades-old buildings into six new buildings with five to seven floors, parking garages, an amenities structure, and a small park. The city of San Carlos expects to meet with Alexandria Real Estate this month to discuss a more detailed plan.


The new campus will add to an already expanding biotechnology footprint in San Carlos. According to San Carlos Community Development Director Al Savay, the city is currently home to 12-14 businesses related to biotech, including Natera, LakePharma, Cellerant Therapeutics, NuGEN Technologies, Novartis, Apexigen, Alkahest and Omniox. Alexandria has underway a two-structure construction project, expected to be complete in 2020, across US Highway 101 from the planned campus. This site will make available a total of 526,178 square feet; ChemoCentryx, Inc., of Mountain View, CA, is already secured as a tenant for an expected 96,000 square feet. The combination of both developments will be named the Alexandria District for Science & Technology.


Alexandria Real Estate has substantial life science US development projects in the works this year. Its new Mercer Mega Block campus in Seattle is a 2.86 acre construction site with 740,000 square feet of office and lab space. The new San Carlos development will add to Alexandria’s portfolio of multiple properties for life science in the Bay Area, which also includes the Alexandria Center for Science and Technology in Mission Bay.


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